2018 Tentative Conference Schedule

2018 Tentative Conference Schedule


2018 WIEA CONFERENCE at the Menominee Casino Resort in Keshena, Wisconsin 


Thursday, April 19, 2018 – Trauma Informed Care Pre-Conference

7:30-8:30              Registration & Continental Breakfast (provided)

8:30-12:00            Introduction to Historical Trauma & Trauma Informed Care

Regina Washinawatok & Diane Hietpas

12:00-1:00            Lunch (provided)

1:00-1:45              Panel:  Trauma Informed Care (TIC) in school/community – Moderated by Wendell Waukau

Clinic Therapist, Student Health Center Teacher, Head Start Administrator, Teacher, Student

1:45-2:00              Break

2:00-3:00              Breakout Sessions

  • Smart Connections/Family Engagement
  • TIC for Schools: Mindfulness, Safe Zones, Interventions/Resources, Staff Self-Care
  • Restorative Practices for Schools

3:00-3:15              Break

3:15-4:15              Breakout Sessions

  • Smart Connections/Family Engagement
  • TIC for Schools: Mindfulness, Safe Zones, Interventions/Resources, Staff Self-Care
  • Restorative Practices for Schools

5:00-6:00              WIEA Board Meeting

6:00-8:00              Screening of Paper Tigers – Menominee Indian High School Theater, followed by discussion

This documentary follows six students over the course of a school year as a new trauma-sensitive program is implemented


Friday, April 20, 2018

7:00 am                  Registration Opens

7:30 am                  Continental Breakfast (provided)

8:30-8:45              Opening ceremony

Welcome by Master of Ceremonies Crystal Tourtillott-Lepscier and Daniel Grignon

Grand entry song, flag song, prayer

8:45-9:30              Welcome:  Menominee Tribal Chairman, Doug Cox

Wisconsin State Superintendent, Dr. Tony Evers

National Indian Education Association President, Dr. Jolene Bowman

9:30-10:30            Keynote – Community Engagement in Tribal Communities

Menominee Indian School District Superintendent Wendell Waukau

Menominee Tribal Clinic Administrator, Jerry Waukau

10:30-10:45         Break

10:45-11:45         Workshops – Session A     

  1. Jolene Bowman, Stockbridge-Munsee Education, Employment, and Training Department: Exploring the American Indian Boarding School Experience
  2. Dimple Patel, National Indian Education Association: Engagement Efforts in Wisconsin under the Every Student Succeeds Act
  3. JoAnn Miller, Wisconsin National Board Network: National Board Certification – A Celebration of Accomplished Teaching.  An Introduction to the National Board Certification Process
  4. Rachel Byington, Diana Moran Thundercloud, Terry Waupekenay, Margaret Snow & Lori Lemieux: Connecting STEM to Native Science through Earth Partnership Indigenous Arts & Sciences – Native Science, Math, Watershed, Science, Art
  5. Beth Waukechon, Dawn Wilber, Jwin Zillier, Cherie Thunder, Tony Brown, Lori & Jerry Stiles, Mary Webster, and Orlann Caldwell of the Menikanaehkem Community Rebuilders: Changing the Narrative of Indigenous Wellness – One Community at a Time

11:45-12:00         Break

12:00-1:30            Lunch (provided) & Keynote – Changing the Way We See Native America

Matika Wilbur, Project 562

1:30-1:45              Break

1:45-2:45              Workshops – Session B                      

  1. JP Leary, UWGB First Nations Studies: The Story of Act 31: How Native History Came to Wisconsin Schools
  2. Thomas Kenote Jr. & Dr. Sasanehsaeh Pyawasay, University of Minnesota: Decolonization & Community – Sources of Empowerment for Native Students.  Navigating educational spaces as native students.
  3. Joann Kasper from the Fox River Academy Environmental Charter School of the Appleton Area School District and the Wisconsin Green Schools Network: Engaging the Community, Increasing Student Learning through FIELD Corps Coaching
  4. Kathy Tuttle, Northern Regional Coordinator for Wisconsin Transition Improvement Grant: Youth Voice in Transition Planning – Finding their Way to Employment and Education in their Communities.
  5. Brian Jackson & Brandon Thoms, Lac du Flambeau Public School: Strengthening Wellness & identity through Cultural Connections – Revitalizing Our 7 Teachings in Today’s Trauma

2:45-3:00              Break

3:00-4:00              Workshops – Session C

  1. Paul Rykken, Black River Falls High School: Act 31 Means Changing the Conversation.  Authentic Implementation of Act 31 within our Curriculum
  2. Bret Ann Evered & UW-Superior Native Nations Student Organization: Resiliency and the 8th Fire Prophecy in Higher Education
  3. Drew Lacefield, Maehnowesekiyah Wellness Center: Overview of Addiction, Current Trends, and Culturally-based Treatment
  4. Dylan Jennings, Great Lakes Fish & Wildlife Commission: Educator Resources including a project, “Ogitchidaa Storytellers,” pertaining to the treaty rights struggle; in addition, they also have the children’s activity books highlighting harvesting and traditional subsistence practices
  5. Brooke Mosay-Ammann, Michael Sullivan Sr., Ph.D., Nicholas Hanson, and Bezhig Hunter of the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute: Aaniin dash?  Aaniin akeyaa?  The ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ of Indigenous Language Immersion Education
  6. Carrie Bohman, Madison Metropolitan School District, & Panel: Understanding Harm – The Nationwide Movement to Eliminate Indian Mascots. Indian Mascot policy and educational outreach

5:00-9:00              Woodland Boys & Girls Club Powwow @ Menominee Indian High School


Friday Youth Day Agenda

7:30-8:30              Breakfast at Menominee Convention Center

8:30-9:30              Opening Ceremonies/Welcome

-Youth load buses to College of Menominee Nation

9:45-11:15            Campus Welcome – Dr. Diana Morris, CMN Interim President

Keynote – Matika Wilbur, Project 562: Changing the Way We See Native America @ Cultural Learning Center

11:15-12:15         Lunch @ Cultural Learning Center; Gary D. Performance (Menominee Artist)

12:30-4:00            Afternoon Sessions

  • College of Menominee Nation Tour: Student Services staff will lead a tour of the College of Menominee Nation, including the Community Technology Center, Library, and Sustainable Development Institute.
  • Talking Circle – Grassroots community engagement: Youth conference participants will engage in a talking circle with grassroots organizations Waadookodaading Youth Alliance, Osk?w?tesewak and Men?k?naehkem.
  • AICF Native Pathways: This program helps high school students at any stage realize the importance and benefits of attending college. Students learn to approach the process of applying to attend college with an understanding of personal power, college readiness, campus fit, college applications, and commitment to academic pursuits to succeed.
  • 4-H Menominee County – Tobacco Tying Ceremony: The purpose of this activity is to assist youth with gaining an in-depth understanding of cultural ways. Brief presentations from tribal elders on the purpose for the activity will be discussed along with the proper use of tobacco, sage, cedar, and sweet grass medicines. Native songs, language and smudging will be used for parts of the activity following appropriate traditional protocols.

(Load buses to Menominee Indian High School)


During afternoon break, students are welcome to take a walk on the K??hk?h m?hek??hsaeh (CMN Learning Path), or join in the Earth Week campus clean-up effort that will take place that day.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

7:00 am                  Registration Opens

7:30 am                  Continental Breakfast (provided)

8:00-8:15              Opening ceremonies:  Welcome, Grand entry song, flag song, prayer

8:15-8:30              Welcome:  WIEA President, Brian Jackson

8:30-9:15              Keynote – National Indian Education Association Executive Director, Ahniwake Rose

9:15-9:30              Break

9:30-10:30            Workshops – Session D

  1. Patty Loew, Jennifer Michals, Pamala Silas: Continuing the Conversation – Self-determination and Research
  2. Lauren Villagomez, Kelli Chelberg, and Cassandra Watson: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Practices for Native American Children
  3. Clif Morton, WIEA Indian Mascot and Logo Task Force: An Ally’s Perspective of Social Studies Teacher’s Interactions with First Nations Identity Issues in School
  4. Michael Clark, Janice Rabideaux, & Craig Corn, Menominee Tribal School: Helping Your Native Students to Not Just Strive or Survive, but to Thrive!
  5. Phillip ‘Gaagaagiins’ Sam, Alex ‘Nawigiizhig’ Belille, Animikiins Stark, John ‘Aandeg’ Schlender, Alexis “Gidagaakoons’ Belille, Lena ‘Mashkodebizhikikwezens’ Mountain, Beatrix ‘Biidaasinoodinikwe’ Bennett: Ani-ombigiyaang Waasa Indizhiwidoomin Niigaan – As We Grow Up, Carrying it with Us Far into the Future, Eko-ningodwaaching Naa Eko-Niizhwaaching. The 6th and 7th Graders of Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Immersion School
  6. National Indian Education Association: State Advocacy Work

10:30-10:45         Break

10:45-11:45         Workshops – Session E     

  1. Paula Mohan, UW-Madison, & Panel: Mirrors or Transformational Institutions?  Public Schools in Border Towns
  2. Adam Schulz & Dolly Potts, College of Menominee Nation: Uniting the Community through Revitalization of Traditional Corn.  Discovering and Reintroducing Bear Island Flint Corn to the Menominee
  3. Kay Guberud, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Literacy Consultant, & David O’Connor, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction American Indian Studies Consultant: Reading – It’s a Journey.  Increasing Literacy Skills at Home and at School.
  4. Margaret Noodin & Team, Director of UW-Milwaukee Electa Quinney Institute: Chinibwaakaa (s/he is wise):  The Story of an Elder in Residence.  Lessons about trust and building relationships through indigenous ways.
  5. National Indian Education Association: State Advocacy Work

11:45-12:00         Break

12:00-1:30            Lunch (provided) & Keynote – Revitalizing Tribal Nations through Community Engagement          

                                Nicholas Peroff & Ada Deer

1:30-1:45              Break

1:45-2:45              Workshops – Session F

  1. Lisa Poupart, Forrest Brooks, and JP Leary from UW-Green Bay: D. in First Nations Education – Developing a Doctoral Program through Community Engagement
  2. Cherie Thunder, College of Menominee Nation Sustainability Education Coordinator: Encouraging Community Leadership & Engagement through the High School Sustainable Leadership Cohort
  3. Nicholas Peroff: Thinking about Native Nations – Over 40 Years of Research with the Menominee Indian Tribe
  4. Jennifer Hermanson, Melrose Mindoro HS: From Chaos to Calm – Conflict in the Classroom and Raising Achievement
  5. National Indian Education Association: State Advocacy Work

2:45-3:00              Break

3:00-4:00              Regional Caucus/Business Meeting

4:00-4:30              Closing ceremonies:  flag song, veteran’s song to retire the colors, traveling song

Announcements – 2019 WIEA Conference, silent auction winners

6:00-8:00              2018 WIEA Award Banquet & Woodland Boys & Girls Club dance troupe performance